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Posture Guide

Ergonomic Seating - guide to improved posture

  • As upper body stays more relaxed, muscle tension is reduced
  • Can help reduce pain in lower back
  • Helps relieve posture issues e.g. slouching & rounding of back
  • Helps alleviate neck & shoulder pain from muscular tension
  • Promotes good arm-hand control
  • Helps reduce work related upper limb disorders
  • Improves circulation to extremities
  • Provides for greater mobility – easy to move and reach.
Posture Guide - Technical Drawing - Image shows a woman sitting on a tilted chair and a standard chair. The image is designed to show the benefits of a tilted chair on the spine and posture.

The Principles of Ergonomic Seating

Ergonomically shaped stools and chairs are designed to give maximum support, comfort and the ideal sitting position. Benefits for the seated practitioner include maintaining an ergonomic sitting position and healthy spine.

From the many articles documenting research and studies into posture seating the general consensus of ergonomic experts is that in terms of posturally healthy sitting and maintaining a healthy spine we should maintain a moderate level of the natural or inward curvature of the lumbar region of the spine to give a proper sitting posture that incorporates the natural curves of the spine and therefore doesn’t put harmful stress on your back.

Choose from our ergonomic stools and chairs...

Our ergonomic seating ranges including saddle seats, contoured and tri-shaped seating follow the principles of ergonomic posture seating.

The right chair for proper sitting posture will give you maximum spinal support and correct sitting posture. Used together with specially designed supports such as the adjustable torso/arm support the shaped stool becomes an ideal seating solution, addressing both mobility and health issues for the busy practitioner or technician.

All our Practitioner Chairs offer the following features which can assist with a healthy sitting position

  1. A height adjuster to keep your hips higher than your knees.
  2. Armrests which support your arms but take pressure off your neck and shoulders.
  3. Lumbar back support that pushes your low back forward slightly, supporting your normal lumbar curve.

Seating with a double curvature seat pad moulded to the seated body form to give added comfort and support for the operative. The curved cushion pads unique shape lessens pinching of the nerves in the hips, thighs and buttocks to avoid numbness and impaired blood circulation and prevent the muscles in the buttocks and the back of the thighs from becoming sore. Can be combined with an arm/ torso support.

Triangle shaped seat pads are specifically designed to allow unrestricted blood circulation to legs. The shape of the seat can help prevent upper leg impingement during long procedures as it does not impact on the underside of the thighs when seated. Also ideal for the operative who needs to work close to the patient as the front edge of the seat is cut away to encourage the legs to drop sideways rather than reaching forward. Can be combined with an arm/ torso support.

Saddle shaped Stools and Chairs are designed to promote optimal seated posture and give maximum support when seated.

On the saddle shaped seat your bodyweight is automatically distributed more evenly, providing a more natural balanced seated posture. The wider stance required by sitting on a saddle shaped seat ensures your thighs are apart and pointing downwards keeping the body balanced and your pelvis rotated forwards and permits the pelvis to be held securely in its natural position. The knees are naturally positioned lower than your hips and your feet rest on the floor on both sides of the body. This allows the lower back and upper body to find a relaxed, natural posture.

It is commonly regarded that widening the angle between the trunk and thighs in a seated posture can be beneficial in improving the shape of the spine, making it more like the natural S-shape in a standing posture. n.b. Multi angle pelvic positioning is provided by our tilting saddle stool models.

Benefits of ergonomic seating…

  • As the upper body stays more relaxed, muscle tension can be reduced.
  • Can help reduce pain in the lower back and help relieve common posture problems such as slouching and rounding of the lower back.
  • Can help to alleviate neck and shoulder pain and to decrease pain and fatigue associated with muscular tension.
  • Can promote good arm-hand control and help reduce work related upper limb disorders e.g pain/aching in wrists, arms and shoulders associated with regional musculoskeletal disorder (R-MSD), cumulative trauma disorder (CTD) and repetitive stress injury (RSI)
  • Improved circulation to the lower extremities, resulting in, among other things, less fatigue.
  • Provides for greater mobility – it is easy to move around on the chair, reach for items, and getting on and off the chair is effortless.

Sitting on ergonomic seating…

  • Meditelle’s Seating Ranges are comfortable, and provide a wide range of adjustments to help find the most natural, comfortable sitting position.
  • An anatomic memory foam layer can be ordered to add extra comfort if seated for long periods of time. This temperature sensitive foam moulds to the user giving pressure-free support without detracting from the benefits of the shaped seat.
  • There can be a short transition period to adapt to a totally different way of sitting on a shaped style of seat and we suggest to allow a period of two weeks to allow your body to adjust.
  • Users tell us that they tend to find posture and other problems can be helped after only a few weeks of use.
  • Special Note: On a saddle style of seat tight skirts are not possible due to the wide stance required.

Your Perfect Tailor Made Posture Seat...

Our bespoke manufacture service offers many options and extras to modify your seat to meet your own needs.

You can tailor your ideal seat with additions available to order on your chosen stool or chair including anatomic memory foam padding, varying height configurations, arm rest and torso supports and a pneumatic foot control for hands free height adjustment.

There is also an extensive free colour choice of hydrophobic and anti-microbial vinyl coverings, or you can add a black leather hide covering.

You are welcome to telephone and discuss your requirements with one of our advisors who are happy to give guidance or technical advice on specifications and features.

Trial Your Posture Seat...

On a selection of our saddle stools we also offer all our Dental Customers the option of a 10 Day Money Back Trial.

Our trial includes a saddle made to your order specification including any optional extras you want to try out in your own practice environment for 10 working days with no obligation. We arrange delivery and collection to and from your doorstep for a small trial fee which is refundable if you keep your saddle.